We are looking for surprising, vivid, and meaningful personal experiences related to maternal care in America. Whether you yourself have been pregnant, or you are a family member of a pregnant or recently pregnant woman, a health professional, doula, therapist, medical student etc. we are interested in hearing your stories related to maternal health care. We welcome and encourage submissions from individuals regardless of your past experience with writing.

We are committed to elevating the voices of Black and Brown women so we strongly encourage submissions from individuals who identify as part of this community.

Please email with a completed draft, idea, or pitch. No worries if you don't have something completed yet, we are excited to work with you!


We are especially interested in hearing stories from women whose pregnancy has been impacted by Covid-19. We are looking for short, 100 - 300 word essays related to how Covid-19 has affected you, your family, your access to maternal care, the quality of care etc. Surprise us!